Clip On Maja Red Earrings

Clip On Maja Red Earrings (sold out)


Product Description

Gold Pearl Earrings. Pyramid Style White 7mm Pearls 5mm Garnet Clip On Omega in 24K Gold Vermeil – 20mm.

Another exquisite signature design. The simplicity of this triple cup set pearl cluster earring, has such a lovely garnet set amongst 3 sweet white  cultured 7mm pearls that it just glows with warmth with the fire of the shiny red garnet gemstone. Each earring we make is so individual and made by hand.  It’s a conservative design which can be worn with confidence by any age group. We always try to mix it up, with as many gemstones as possible. Available also in Amethyst, Onyx, Sky Blue Topaz and the divine absolutely divine olive green Peridot. Best worn with a business outfit, this adds a touch of femininity but definitely shows the enigmatic power of pearl earrings on any woman.

garnet pearl clip on earring


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